Landal Esonstad

Landal Esonstad - The Netherlands

Next to Lauwersmeer National Park in the Frisian village of Anjum is Landal Esonstad, a holiday resort consisting of 201 holiday homes and apartments, split across a moated town and two mounds. In the moated town, 144 houses and apartments have been built in old Frisian style with a great diversity of façades and housing types. In addition, 77 modern houses were built on two mounds.

Holiday home on Esonstad



Dormio Leisure Development


Esonstad B.V. (part of Woonveste BV)


Anjum, Friesland, The Netherlands

Project scope

Approx. 47 ha, total 201 homes



Dormio's role

Feasibility advisor, concept development consultant, rental & management advisor, advisor on legal structure of exclusive sale assignment

Activity & specialisation

Development of holiday resorts and hotels

Project status

This project has been completed

Holiday home Esonstad by the water

The myth of the lost fortified town

The concept of the holiday resort is based on the myth of the lost fortified town of Esonstad and the typical Frisian mounds. The project is further characterised by the close link between recreation and water, e.g. the town has easy access to the Lauwersmeer.

Dormio's role

Dormio acted as advisor in respect of feasibility, concept development, rental, management as well as setting up the legal structure. In addition, Dormio has been responsible for the sale of the project.

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