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Although Dormio does undertake developments as the risk-bearing party, our organisation is also open to various forms of partnership arrangements for the development of new resorts or hotels.

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Over the last 20 years, we have successfully built up an extensive portfolio of impressive resorts and hotels, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Although in the past we also helped develop other brands, in 2010 we started to focus exclusively on developing hotels and resorts for our own brand, because this is our main area of expertise.

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Our guiding principles

We enter into partnerships with various landowners, developers and/or construction companies when developing new projects. The only two requirements are:

  1. the resort or hotel, once it is completed, must be operated and rented by Dormio Resorts & Hotels; and
  2. the new project must fit within the portfolio and the four-star product that is guaranteed by Dormio Resorts & Hotels.


The cooperation can be structured in different ways where risk identification and activities can be determined according to the partner's requirements. Dormio does not get involved with the build itself and construction companies are therefore a good match and depending on the risk profile, different forms of cooperation can also be found with the landowners.

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Do you have a question?

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