Choosing new locations

There are many factors that are instrumental in determining which new projects Dormio will participate in or acquire. Although Dormio does not have geographical boundaries, it should be noted that developments outside Europe are viewed more critically than developments within Europe due to the added risks and distance.

Our guiding principles

We follow two important principles when developing new projects. Firstly, the project, once it is completed, must be operated and rented by Dormio Resorts & Hotels and secondly, the project must fit within the portfolio and the four-star standard that Dormio Resorts & Hotels stands for.

The scope and size of the project is also important. There are no standard requirements for this, but if the scale of a project is too small and cannot be considered a resort and/or a medium-to-large hotel, the project is not suitable for Dormio Leisure Development. Are you wondering whether your project would be a good fit for Dormio?

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Dormio Resort Vallorcine with ski elevator


In new countries/areas where Dormio intends to develop projects, operations definitely need to be on such a scale to make the project feasible. Dormio develops "open" resorts. This means that we adapt our level of facilities to the existing tourist infrastructure. Therefore, this infrastructure will help to determine the extent to which a location is of interest to us, but also what the minimum size of a resort or hotel should be. If we need to build a lot of tourist facilities, the size of the new resort will have to be larger than when this is not the case.

Do you have a question?

Do you have a question?

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